25 December 2012

Kurdistan revealed

Having Iranian visas secured we were again free to visit places. And as the weather in Trabzon was cold and rainy we headed towards south coast.

26 November 2012

Backpacker's Equipement

Travelling needs stuff. But the more things you have the less travelling you do. Anyways the reasonable minimum to be comfortable is at least a backpack, proper shoes, some clothes and sometimes sleeping accessories.

21 November 2012

The Turkish Tea

Çay (meaning tea in Turkey) welcomed us even before crossing the border. We were invited for a glass of Çay by the Turkish driver just because we were passing is lorry. Drinking tea seems to be the most important habbit for Turks. It happens everywhere and almost all the time. Even a dinner is just an apperitif for a tea.

Romania again

Romania decided to be important for us, so we decided to restart our trip from visiting that beautiful country.

28 July 2012

Republic of Moldova

Joanna wants to visit Moldova, so our path leads us to Chisinau.

18 July 2012

Friendly Maramures

After spending most of our trip in rural areas, we decided to try something else. We found CS host ‌in Baia Mare - north of where we were. On our way to Turda I lost my mobile phone. Then we managed to hitch very slow ride. It was about 39 degrees in a shade and the van was overloaded.

12 July 2012

Chilling in the shadows

Thanks to quite new CouchSurfing feature called itinerary or 'open couch request' we were invited over  by great host Cristina. We stayed much longer than we planned or even than we could expect. It's quite common nowadays to call someone 'open-minded', but she is much better than this.

3 July 2012

Nature of Transilvania

After long day on the road and spending another night under the stars, we finally made it to Salasu de Sus, where we were expected by our host